Muscle Building Exercises For Each Muscle Group

There are many muscle building exercises, but some exercises are more effective than others for gaining muscle mass.

Below I'll reveal some of the best exercises for each muscle group.

Every body is different, so we respond differently to various exercises. In some cases you will have to try different exercises to see which ones are most effective for you.


The best exercise to build muscle in your legs also happens to be one of the best exercises PERIOD! I'm talking about squats baby. Squats are hands down the king of leg exercises.

A muscle building routine without squats is like having a sandwich with no meat!


A great exercise for adding size, width and thickness to your back is the bent-over barbell row. Rows can help give your body that V shape.

Some say that pull ups are the best back exercise. I love pull ups. To me pull ups are a real test of strength and fitness, and you can develop a nice back by doing them.

But barbell rows are probably more effective for adding size to your back muscles. Do I have data to support this? Nope. Try them both for yourself and see what happens...


Arguably, the best muscle building exercise for your chest is the bench press.

Bench presses can add some serious thickness to your pecs.

They're arguably the best exercise because you can also add mass to your pecs by doing dumbbell presses.


A good set of shoulders can make your whole upper body appear bigger. The best exercises for adding size to your shoulders are barbell military presses and dumbbell presses.

Overhead dumbbell presses have helped me build an impressive set of shoulders.


Like shoulders, a nice set of traps will make your entire upper body look bigger. A great mass building trap exercise is the barbell upright row.


Ahhh yes, who doesn't want a nice set of guns? The two best bicep exercises are barbell curls and dumbbell curls.


Three great exercises for adding mass to your triceps are

1) Dips (with a bench, chair or parallel bars)
2) Close grip bench presses
3) French presses (also known as "skull crushers" or "lying triceps extensions")

You can't go wrong with either of these.

One thing about dips - you need to make em harder by adding some weight if they are real easy for you to do.

If you do dips on a bench, you can elevate your feet by placing them on a separate bench or other object like a chair. You can also have a partner place a weight plate in your lap.

For dips at a dip station, you can wear a special belt with a chain and plates attached to it.

One more things about doing dips on a bench with feet elevated - I wouldn't do these too often. They can be pretty stressful on your shoulders.

Here's a great article about dips.


My goodness there are so many damn abdominal exercises! However, the best abs exercises are:

1) Bicycle crunches
2) Captain's chair
3) Crunches on a stability ball

See this article for the best and worst abs exercises.


Doing calf raises can give you a muscular set of calves. But what kind of calf raises are best?

You can do seated calf raises, standing calf raises, elevated calf raises (stand on a step or other surface)...

Elevated calf raises are best for building your calves.

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