The Fastest Way To Build Muscle

What is the fastest way to build muscle? Ahh, a question I've been asked many times.

The fastest way to gain muscle mass is to consistently combine the tips that I'm about to share with you.

Let's get right into it...

1) Have A Plan

This is a must for building muscle mass fast. You need a workout plan and a nutrition plan. You can’t just wing it if you want quick muscle gains.

There are many variables to consider when making a detailed plan. This goes beyond the scope of this article. If you're not quite sure how to put an effective plan together, you either...

1. Search the internet. Read through enough sites and you can piece together enough information. The problem is being able to separate the junk from the good stuff. This can take time to figure out. Or you can...

2. Invest in an all-in-one resource. This is the quickest way to build muscle. You can save hours by investing in a muscle building guide such as Vince DelMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building. It will help you gain weight faster and save you precious time getting there. Check it out.

2) Use Visualization

Doesn’t sound like this belongs in this article does it? Well it does.

Building muscle, especially if you’re a skinny hardgainer, is a very challenging endeavor. You are challenged both physically and mentally.

Constantly visualizing what you want to look like can help keep you motivated to follow your plan and train hard.

3) Eat For Growth

You need to…

  • count calories
  • eat 5 to 6 meals a day
  • eat balanced meals
  • drink lots of water

I HATE counting calories, but the fastest way to build muscle is to just do it.

First step: determine your weight maintenance level. A fast method is to multiply your current body weight times 15 or 16 calories.

Now, add 300 to 500 calories per day to this amount to determine what your starting daily calorie intake should be.

That’s pretty easy to do.

There are better, more precise ways to determine how many calories you should eat. It takes a few more steps, but if you're interested see my article on eating to build muscle.

4) Lift Free Weights

If you want to slow down your muscle gains, use machines. I’m not against them. But free weights are far better if you want fast muscle gains.

5) Use Compound Movements

Compound (or multi joint) exercises work more than one muscle group at a time. They recruit more muscle fibers than isolation exercises. You’ll grow faster using them.

Squats, pull ups and bench presses are samples of compound movements.

6) Use Good Lifting Technique

Contrary to many gym members’ beliefs, it’s not enough just to walk into a gym, lift some weights and build muscle.

For the sake of your safety and results, make sure you know the right way to do each exercise in your program.

7) Train Hard

During each set, aim for muscle fatigue instead of a predetermined number of reps.

At the end of each set, you should barely be able to make it to your preset number of reps. Your muscles should be completely exhausted at the final rep of your last set.

8) Limit Cardio

Cardio plays a big role in staying fit, but it also burns a lot of calories. These are calories that can be used to help you gain muscle.

Limit cardio to a few days a week at low intensities and keep it around 30 minutes or a little less.

9) Don’t Overtrain

First of all, complete your workouts in 1 hour or less. Testosterone levels start to dip around that time. If you think you won’t build much muscle that way, think again.

If you’re efficient, you will only need 45 mins to 1 hour (or less).

Train each muscle group NO MORE than twice a week.

10) Change It Up

Change your routine about every 4 to 8 weeks. If your body gets used to your training, you'll hit a plateau and you’ll stop seeing results.

Nothing is more frustrating than the dreaded plateau.

11) Use Supplements

Nobody needs supplements to build muscle. And don’t believe the hype - most supplements are totally useless. But, some can help you gain weight faster. Here are 5 basic supps you can use:

1. MRPs (Meal replacements) – MRPs can help you avoid missing meals, which is very important. If you’re a skinny hardgainer, a weight gainer can help you. Avoid MRPs that are loaded with sugar.

2. Multivitamins – being deficient in certain nutrients will decrease performance and your muscles’ growth and repair processes.

3. Whey protein – of all proteins, whey has one of the highest biological values and utilization rates.

4. EFAs (essential fatty acids) - EFAs help support muscle building through multiple pathways.

5. Creatine – creatine has been shown to increase strength, muscle mass and weight gain.

12) Have A Post Workout Drink

This will help jumpstart muscle growth and repair processes. Have a shake made up of glucose or dextrose mixed with maltodextrin and whey protein within 45 minutes after your workout.

13) Get Some Rest

Muscles grow during rest, not during workouts. You need to support your hard training with plenty of rest. Get 8 hours of sleep (or as close as you can) every night.

Remember earlier I said you need to have a plan? I left out one important thing - you also need to stick to your plan!

The fastest way to build muscle is to use each and every tip you've just read about on a daily basis.

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