Build Muscle Without Weights

You can build muscle without weights if you combine effective exercises with the right intensity and a solid plan.

Workout Without Weights is a complete step by step bodyweight workout program. The workouts take between 30-45 minutes to finish. Check it out here.

While you can gain muscle without lifting weights, don’t expect to get too big this way. It ain’t gonna happen.

In this article I'll cover some good exercises you can do, but a little bit of equipment will definitely make it much easier for you to build muscle fast.

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Build Muscle Without Weights Exercises


The absolute best exercise to add muscle to your back without weights is the classic pull up. If you’re not at the gym, the problem is having something you can pull yourself up with.

A pull up station or The Iron Gym can solve that problem.

The Iron Gym is an inexpensive pull up bar that you can easily attach to a door frame and just as easily remove it. It uses leverage, so there are no screws and you don’t have to worry about damaging your door.

Check out this 2 minute video (click the play button once):

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Doing push ups can definitely add some thickness to your chest.

One of the problems with push ups is that they can get a little boring. Here are a few ways you can add interest to this timeless exercise…

1. Use different variations. There are so many variations of the push up. You can use shoulder width hand placement, wide pushups, one leg pushups, one arm pushups, pushups with feet elevated, etc.

2. Add some weight. You can wear a weighted vest for push ups, pull ups and much more. Alternatively, you can stuff a backpack with some books or other objects.

3. Use the Perfect Push Up. I’ve used the Perfect Pushup, and it definitely adds a different dimension to pushups. It also has a whole bunch of good reviews.

You can read reviews and buy the Perfect Pushup cheaper here.


In addition to your back and chest, pull ups and pushups give your shoulders a workout too.

Feet-elevated pushups emphasize the anterior (front) part of your shoulders more. Here's a short video:

Handstand pushups are great, but it’s definitely an advanced exercise. Check out pictures and a short video here.

Resistance bands can be used for lateral raises and overhead shoulder presses.


Chin ups (a variation of pull ups) are a great way to build biceps without weights. Use a reverse grip to emphasize biceps.

You can also do curls with a set of resistance bands.

Without equipment, you have to find something you can curl that weighs enough to challenge you.


Pushups (yep, pushups again) work your triceps as well as chest and shoulders. To target triceps more you can do “diamond” pushups. You basically do pushups with your hands close enough for your index fingers and your thumbs to touch or almost touch.

Tricep dips are another great bodyweight exercise for triceps. You can plant your feet on the ground or elevate them for an added challenge. Here's a quick video with feet elevated:

Resistance bands can be used for triceps as well.


There are LOTS of ways to train legs without weights.

Squats are one the best exercises you can do.

One legged squats and jump squats are two moves you can do to add challenge.

Lunges are a great legs exercise. Here's a video showing different types of lunges:

A weighted vest or backpack can be worn for squats and lunges to make em tougher.

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