How To Build Chest Muscle Fast

How do you build chest muscle fast? It’s not all about your training routine. It’s a mixture of things. You need to…

  • do the best exercises,
  • use free weights,
  • use good techniqe,
  • eat for muscle growth, and
  • avoid overtraining.

Best Chest Exercises

The most effective chest exercises are

  • bench presses
  • dumbbell presses
  • dips
  • flyes
  • push ups

Bench Press. The bench press is considered the granddaddy of chest exercises. Muscle building coach Lee Hayward's Blast Your Bench program can help you get the most out of bench pressing. Check it out here.

Dumbbell Press. I personally like dumbbell presses more than bench presses.

Dips. I LOVE dips! Dips are a very good bodyweight exercise to build chest muscles.

Dumbbell Flyes. Another one I love. Flyes are very effective for building your chest.

Push Ups. Yep, those old school push ups will always be one of the best chest exercises you can do. To add challenge, you can do variations like incline or plyometric push ups. You can also use the Perfect Pushup to take the boredom out of regular old pushups.

Use Free Weights

Use machines if you want to take the slower path to chest growth. To build chest muscle fast, use free weights (dumbbells, barbells, etc).

Free weights recruit more muscle fibers than machines. They’re far more effective for building chest muscles fast or any other muscle group for that matter.

Use Good Form

Good form means aligning your body the right way and using the correct tempo. If you're not confident in your knowledge about doing the exercises properly, make sure you do some searches to find out how.

Eating For Growth

You can have the best chest building routine, but you need to eat in a way that supports muscle growth.

Eating for growth means two things:

1. Eat around 300 to 500 hundred calories above your caloric maintenance level.
2. Eat balanced meals.

If you want to figure out what your caloric intake should be and how to eat balanced meals, read this article.

Train For Fatigue

If your goal is 10 reps, don’t stop at 10 if you get there too easy!

The goal of each set (after warm up) should be to reach fatigue, not a certain number of reps. That means if your goal is 10 reps, use enough weight so that you barely make it to 10 (if at all).

Up The Challenge

To build chest muscle fast, you have to use progressive overload.

For example, if you're doing 4 sets of 8 on bench presses this week, the next week you can try doing 10 reps instead of 8 or you can increase the weight.

Don’t Over Train

I saw a catchy headline once that read “Overtrain If You Don’t Want To Gain!”.

It seems reasonable to think that if you do 8 different exercises, 30 sets and 300 reps, your chest muscles will grow faster.


If you’re a beginner, 1-2 exercises and 3-8 total sets is fine. If you’re advanced, 2-4 exercises and 8-16 sets is good enough.

Also, your chest muscles (and all other muscles) grow after you train, not during. The trick is you have to give your muscles time to recover and grow…

It takes days for a muscle group to recover. If you don’t allow enough time between sessions, you’re just tearing down your muscles again and again without giving them time to grow bigger.

You can build chest muscles fast training them once a week.

Train All Your Muscles

I have seen people work to build their chest muscles and ignore other body parts. That’s a mistake.

All muscles are connected. When you train chest, other muscle groups are working as assistors - mainly your shoulders and triceps.

If you ignore these other body parts, you won’t increase the amount of weight your chest can handle and you’ll risk injury because of muscular imbalances.

Try Advanced Techniques

If you’re an intermediate to advanced lifter, you can try some advanced stuff like supersets, drop sets, and forced reps. There are hundreds of different techniques to try.

I personally love supersets. A superset is when you do two or more exercises back to back without any rest.

For example, you do a set of dumbbell flyes followed by a set of barbell bench presses (or vice versa). Rest 1 or 2 minutes and do it again.

Lift Heavy

It’s funny to me when I read or hear people say that 6 reps is the best or 8 reps is the best or whatever. I have seen people build muscle using all kinds of rep ranges.

For most people, the recommended 8-12 rep range can work just fine. For strength and mass, you can lift heavy sometimes (4-6 reps).

Change Your Routine

Change your program every 4 to 6 weeks. If you do the same chest workout week in and week out, your chest will get “bored” and stop growing.

Gotta mix it up if you wanna build chest muscle fast.

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